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My name is Pamela Messerall. I am the owner and operator of Airbrush Tans by Pamela, and I would like to introduce you to a natural, organic, and safe way to tan - Sunless Airbrush Tanning. Airbrush tanning will leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft and silky smooth. Visible cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins and blemishes virtually disappear. I use only the best natural solutions with organic ingredients to service my customers in NW Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Mobile Airbrush Tanning
Have fun and get that sun kissed glow brought to your front door! Convenient and private, I will come to your location with my mobile tanning system. Your floors and furnishings are completely protected with my mobile airbrush tent.

Tanning Parties
Host a tanning party and you could get your tan free! (Call for details.) Great for weddings, proms, vacations, holidays, Christmas, New Years, or anytime you just want to get the gang together and have some fun. Sunless airbrush tanning is the way to go for that gorgeous look anytime of the year.

Tanning Salon
Come to our salon in Linesville, PA and experience the same great service as my mobile customers.

Whether you choose to tan at my location or at yours, Airbrush Tans by Pamela provides you with fantastic service, top quality natural and organic ingredients and, let us not forget, beautiful sun kissed skin! To schedule your tanning session call 814-683-5816 or 814-720-2733 today.

Schedule today for your individual appointment or tanning party.

Steps to Get a Great Airbrush Tan & FAQ

There are a few things you need to know and do before you get an Airbrush Tan. You need to be involved with the preparation. 24 to 48 hours before your spray, you must follow these guidelines. By doing this, your spray will look great and last longer.

Before Your Session
It is best not to have a facial, chemical depilatory, razor shave or waxing, except sugaring, within 48 hours of your spray. If you need to remove hair from your legs definitely do it before and make sure that you wash your legs after waxing to remove any wax residue. It is best to remove hair 48 hours before, as the bronzer gets into the newly created pores and can give you a spotty, freckled look. do not do it the day before, make sure to remove hair a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to exfoliate well. Do not miss areas just because they are hard to get to. Take your time. When you miss a spot it can leave patchy fading and dirty areas. If you really want to have nice smooth skin you should scrub 2 or 3 times a week. Sunless tanning loves smooth skin.

If you naturally have dry skin make sure and lotion up. I recommend Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion, it is a water base. You can find it at Walmart in the facial moisturizing section. Make sure you put it on the day before. If your skin is naturally supple, do not use any lotion before session.

The day of your appointment you should shower just to rinse off the excess residue from the lotion. Do not use any soap. Remove all makeup and deodorant. Use warm water, not hot.

Timing differs from person to person. Average time is around 10 to 12 minutes. Same for drying. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Most of the time, people love it, and come back for more.

At Your Session
Hair should be pulled back, you should be freshly showered and anything else that needs to be done. Of course, I will tell you everything in our discussion. As to what to wear, I suggest a bathing suit or panties that are not your favorite. The solution should wash off, but I would not take the chance. Same goes for when you are done, old loose comfortable clothing would be the best for a couple of hours.

For group parties, all of your guests should follow the guidelines above and be ready at the appointed time.

After Your Session
Use only the Cetaphil lotion for the duration of your tan. No oils, no anti-aging products. These are designed to take dead skin off, which means goodbye tan. I would not exfoliate until your tan is gone, or you are ready for another one, then you may start the process over.

If you shave, wax, or use chemical depilatories on your legs after airbrush tanning, you will take off some of your tan with the hair. It is best to complete hair removal 48 hours prior to your appointment.


Where will you tan me?
During the summer you can be sprayed outdoors in your back yard. If you have a pool, that makes the party even better, except no swimming, chlorine will strip that new tan. I will bring my 4 x 7 tanning tent suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Will I turn orange?
Because the sunless tanning products I use are not a dye, the results of your airbrush tanning session are very natural looking, customized to your skin type so you won’t experience the orange discoloration that you may have experienced in the past from other sunless tanning products. I use only top of the line products that will be suited to each individual.

What is the solution made of?
These products are good for your skin. DHA or Dehydronyacetone is a colorless sugar that darkens the surface layer of the skin. It works by interacting with the dead surface cells found in the epidermis, or your outer layer of skin. This causes a color change that appears on the skin, giving you that great color. As the dead skin cells come off you naturally, so does the color. That is why it is so important to moisturize.

How long will my tan last?
It could last as long as 10 days, but most of the time 7 days is the average. Each individual has a different type of skin, so one could have dry, one could have oily or normal. Dry skin would of course exfoliate naturally faster so he or she would lose the tan quicker. I recommend Cetaphil Moisturizing body lotion. You can find it anywhere. I get mine at Walmart. If you use this all the time it really helps. I use it no matter if I am airbrushing or not.

Will the product stain by clothes or bedding?
I never have a problem, but you should take precautions and wear older clothes to be sprayed in and for afterward. I wipe myself down with a damp wash cloth before I go to bed, and that takes the excess off. These products wash out of material, and do not stick to hair. I am a blonde, and I do not even need to use a cap.

Why do I sometimes get different results?
If you spray often, and you find that your spray turns out different sometimes there are things that can cause this change. That time of the month, food you have eaten, medication, and oh yes... stress. So do not let it worry you, things happen.

Tanning Parties

When I come to your house, your group should be ready for me. Time is money, so I always ask everyone to be ready. It does not take me long, usually 10-12 minutes per person tops. Drying time is about the same. I will bring my 4X7 tanning tent, and we are ready to go for the big party.

Do you have any specials?
I have many specials for the host having the party, but this must be discussed at the time you call to set up your appointment. It all depends on how many people you have. You must make sure to call a couple days ahead and give me a firm head count.

How does the wedding party work?
The wedding party works basically the same way as other tanning parties. If this is your first spray, you will want to schedule a practice spray a month or so before your Wedding Party. That way you will know you like the process and there will be no surprises. This can be so much fun for the girls. Getting a beautiful tan, and having a good time. Turn your tanning party into a bachelorette party! Think of crazy things to do. You want to look perfect for your pictures, and your husband to be.

All of your other questions can be asked when you call. do not worry, you will love it.
It is addicting... better than being a sun worshiper.

Schedule today for your individual appointment or tanning party.

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All About Pamela

I am Pamela Messerall, or Pam, and I am a native California gal who found herself married and moved to Pennsylvania. I have been in Linesville, PA, Where the ducks walk on the fish, for 17 years and I have had a Tanning business for 16 years. I started my Airbrush Tanning business six years ago. As the years passed we started to hear more and more about how bad the sun is, and then the tanning beds. As a result, I no longer have that part of the business and it is all Airbrush Tanning now. Party Time!

I truly think spray tanning is the way to go. Healthy and beautiful at the same time. Airbrush Tanning is available in my salon or I will come to you for individual tanning sessions or tanning parties.

A tanning party is so much fun and there are so many kinds you can have. Great for weddings, proms, vacations, holidays, Christmas, New Years, or anytime you just want to get the gang together and have some fun. Get a sun kissed look for those fancy dresses and show off your bare legs! My favorite after a spray look is no makeup except some eye shadow and a little lip gloss. Have a tanning party before the party!

Schedule today for your individual appointment or tanning party.

Schedule today for your individual appointment or tanning party.

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